Fatih Ozaydin

◇ Education

MS:  Electronics Engineering, ISIK University, Istanbul, Turkey, 2005.
     Project: Quantum Information Processing.

BS:  Computer Engineering, ISIK University, Istanbul, Turkey, 2003.
    Thesis: True Random Number Generation by Means of a Novel
    Mesoscopic System, Supervisor: Prof. Selahattin Kuru.

◇ Career

2005-2006: Software Engineer, YALTES Inc.
         Worked in IMSS (Integrated Maritime Surveillance System / Uzun Ufuk)
         Project of Turkish Navy; Real Time Embedded
         Programming with ADA and C.

2001-2005: Research Assistant of Prof. Tolga Yarman,
         Physics Dept., ISIK University, Istanbul, Turkey
         Topic: Mass Deficiency Correction to the Relativistic Quantum
         Mechanical Approach: Metric Change Nearby The Nucleus.

2003-2004: Teaching Assistant of Prof. Tolga Yarman
         Physics Dept., ISIK University, Istanbul, Turkey.
         Courses: Quantum Mechanics I-II, Physics I-II.
         Instructed the problem section hours.

  2003:   Research Student,
         The Scientific and Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK),
         National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptography (UEKAE).
         Topic: Experimental realization of a True Random Number Generator by
         means of a novel mesoscopic system based on silicon wafer structure
         alteration by HSF vaporization
, Supervisor: Dr. Seref Kalem

   2002:   Summer Practice
         TUBITAK, Marmara Research Center (MAM),
         Information Communication Technologies Research Center (BTAE)

         Topic: Artificial Neural Networks.

◇ International Conference Papers

  1.  T. Yarman, N. Zaim, F. Ozaydin, The Architecture of Triatomic and Polyatomic
     Molecules, Paper Accepted for Presentation in the International Conference
     “Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory” (PIRT), 04-07 July 2005,
     Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia.

  2.  T. Yarman, F. Yarman, Fatih Ozaydin, The Investigation of The Relationship
     Electronic Energy ~(Vibrational Frequency x Internuclear Distance)^2,
     Regarding The Vibrational Electronic States of Hydrogen Molecule
, APS 34th
     Meeting of the Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (DAMOP),
     20-24 May, 2003 Boulder, Colorado, USA.

◇ Awards &Grants

  2006-..  Monbusho - MEXT' 06 (Scholarship of Japanese Ministry of Education)
         Full Scholarship, to support two years of research studentship and
         potentially extended for a Ph.D.
         (172.000 Yens/Month, for 2-5 years.)

2003-2005 FMV ISIK University
         Partial (75%) Scholarship to support M.S. Education at Private ISIK
         (~15.000 in total.)

1999-2003 Turkish Government (OSYM):
         Full Scholarship to support B.S. Education at Private ISIK University
         (~Approximately 30.000 in total.)

◇ Hobby

 Music : Playing electric guiter, Ney and Baglama (Saz).
      Listening to classical music, heavy metal and traditonal/ethical music.
 Sports: Motorcycle rider, member of SuperEvaRiders.
      Scuba Diver (PADI Openwater).