Keisuke Fujii

Apr 2002-Mar 2006Bachelor, Engineering Science, Kyoto Univ.
Apr 2006-Mar 2008Master, Dept. of Nuclear Eng., Kyoto Univ.
Apr 2008-Mar 2011PhD, Dept. Nuclear Eng., Kyoto Univ.
Thesis title: "Fault-Tolerant One-way Quantum Computation on Logical Cluster states"
supervised by Prof. Katsuji Yamamoto
Professional experience
Apr 2008-Mar 2011JSPS Research Fellowships for Young Scientists (DC1)
Apr 2011- Post Doc (DYCE)
Research field
quantum physics, quantum information, fault-tolernat quantum computation,
measurement-based quantum computation, topological quantum computation,
blind quantum computation, distributed quantum computation, decoherence, open quantum system

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